Top 10 Facts about eLearning and Distance Learning

A recent report by the UN confirmed that eLearning is as effective, or better, than Traditional Teaching! Check out these Top 10 Facts about eLearning and Distance Learning.

  1. Most countries offer accredited courses through tutor supported eLearning.  An improvement in education positively affects economic growth, both in terms of an increase in GDP and an increase in income for workers. This is clear in both developed and developing countries.
  2. The Global eLearning industry is growing at 10% per annum. The potential of e-learning to significantly affect education in developing countries is very significant providing new opportunities to those normally excluded from education.
  3. India is the fastest growing eLearning market in the world.
  4. 77% of large US companies use online training for their staff. One of the biggest advantages of elearning is that it’s more cost-effective and scalable than traditional in-person learning.  Learner can also study at work or at home, whatever suits them.
  5. 30% of corporate learning is delivered through eLearning with Tutor support. Providing technology on its own has little impact on achievement. Substantial effort must be put into infrastructure, teacher training, curriculum development, assessment reform, and formative evaluation.
  6. 74% of companies currently use Learning management systems (LMS) and Virtual classroom/ webcasting/ video broadcasting.
  7. Large companies are the main purchasers of eLearning products and services.
  8. 1.4% of training hours were delivered via mobile devices. However this is set to grow as more providers make courses available through tablet, phablets and phones.
  9. Currently 8% of US companies use MOOC courses.  MOOCs have not been as successful as anticiapted with varying levels of quality, lack of tutor support and completion rates of less than 10%. In addition, most MOOC courses do not lead to certified or accredited courses.
  10. In 2015, 44% of US companies intent to purchase online learning tools and systems.