New CIW eLearning Web and Data Analytics course

In this new Web and Data Analytics course you will learn how to use data to analyse all aspects of a company’s operation and make appropriate business decisions. You will study how to compare and contrast structured and unstructured data. You will study how to compare and contrast structured and unstructured data. You will learn how to deploy tools for capturing and analysing data, including Hadoop, R Project, and custom database solutions.

In addition, you will study how to extrapolate information using data obtained from new and traditional data sources, including Web and social media logs, marketing, sales, technical support, and customer relations. You will also learn how to determine relationships between organizational efforts and business outcomes. Finally, with this Web and Data Analytics course you will study the ways to capture and represent data, including creating dashboards, executive summaries, reports and charts, using both traditional and Web-based tools.

Topics covered in this Web and Data Analytics course

Fundamentals of Data Analysis

  • Pre-Assessment Questions
  • The Importance of Good Data
  • Centralized Data Benefits
  • Structured vs. Unstructured Data
  • Forgetting Steve Jobs
  • Typical Sources of Business Data
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Decisions in the Non-profit Industry

Introduction to Big Data

  • Big Data
  • The Importance of IT Data Management
  • IT Business Environments
  • Cloud-Based Data
  • Cloud-Native Data
  • In-House Data
  • When to Migrate In-House Data to the Cloud
  • Variations of Cloud-Based Systems
  • Typical Databases Used for Data Analysis
  • Data-driven Business Decisions
  • The Internet is Worthless

Working with Data Sources

  • Data E-Harmony: Working with Different Departments to Bring Data Together
  • The Purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM Integration: A Banking Scenario
  • Obtaining Data from E-Mail and User Forums
  • Obtaining Data from Other Knowledge Bases
  • Obtaining Data from CRM and Business-To-Business Frameworks
  • Transaction, Payment and Inventory Data
  • Using Multiple Data Sources InStyle Publishing

Tools for Capturing and Analysing Data

  • Capturing Data: Tableau Public
  • Capturing Data: Google Fusion Tables
  • Capturing Data: OpenRefine
  • Overview: Hadoop-Based Environments
  • Capturing and Analysing Data in Hadoop
  • The R Project
  • Additional Software for Data Capture
  • Playing With Big Data

Analysing and Reporting Data

  • Network Traffic
  • Organizational Efforts and Business Outcomes
  • Best Methods to Capture and Report Specific Data
  • Data Analysis and Reporting Dashboards
  • Create Reports and Charts
  • Create a Presentation for Reporting Data
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Presentations
  • Better Business through Data

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