Mobile App Course by eLearning (iOS, Windows, Android).

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Mobile is changing the way customers learn about, choose, and buy products of all types, including insurance. In 2020, mobile data traffic worldwide is expected to reach 30.6 exabytes per month at a compound annual growth rate of 53% (Statistica, 2016). One-third of all web pages are now served to mobile phones, nearly five times the number in 2008 (We Are Social).  85% of adults in Ireland own a smartphone (Comreg).

A Master Mobile App Developer confirms your proficiency as a developer of mobile apps for Android, iOS in all three major application platforms (Xcode, Eclipse, and Visual Studio).   MMAD is the only cross-platform, vendor-neutral mobile application developer certification. Smartphones and Tablets are changing the way we communicate, access information, and do business. Conventionally, a mobile application developer would need to choose the mobile platform they will develop for (Android or iOS).  Application Developers are in high demand, and are estimated to grow by 28% in the US by 2020.   Application Developers command salaries between £50-100K in Ireland, where there is a shortage of skilled employees in this area.

It takes different skills to create applications for Windows, Android and Apple iOS. Professionals that hold a Logical Operations MMAD certification know the differences between the platforms and can create applications in all three major formats. This skill set allows companies to bring their application to market quickly and efficiently and expose the application to the widest market segments.

Android has quickly caught up with Apple iOS in applications available and now is competitive with the number of application offerings. Microsoft’s Windows 10 strategy of developing a single app for desktop, mobile and tablet gives them a strong chance of being in the mix too. Gone are the days of developing an application to only Apple iOS. The marketplace is vast and opportunities are missed if not available on all three platforms.

The Master Mobile Application Developer Mobile App Course from CMIT is designed for mobile application developers seeking to display proficiency in a multi-platform capacity.  The Mobile App Course qualification is certified through exams (undertaken at a Castle Worldwide exam centre).

Individual pursing a career in this area, can expect to be responsible for the following:

  • Definition, development, verification and maintenance of mobile app solutions.
  • Design of good and clear algorithms while following recognised coding standards.
  • Writing of relevant technical specifications.
  • Project Management of apps.
  • Work with R&D engineers (e.g. hardware and software engineers) and other departments (e.g. quality/regulatory, marketing and graphic designs) to define mobile solutions requirements and ensure that products meet customer  expectations.
  • Support innovation and research activities by developing/customising mobile applications.