Corporate Training courses – Certified eLearning Options

Delivered through our unique eLearning model, CMIT is able to offer organisations a flexible and cost effective way to deliver Corporate Training to employees.

In the current environment organisations are seeking new and innovative methods of delivering Corporate Training courses. The focus of training has shifted from lengthy Corporate Training programmes which often involved costly training seminars and time spent out of the office to time efficient and flexible approaches to training. CMIT can offer organisations a flexible and unique method of course delivery with options available in course and delivery customisation. With a wide range of Corporate training courses leading to nationally accredited awards CMIT is paving a new way for organisations looking to secure a high quality practical training solution.

Personal preferences are also evolving and many people are currently maximising modern technologies in their daily routine. This trend has seen many people opting for eLearning training, preferring to study for certified awards while having the ability to fit their studies around their current lifestyle and reduce the impact of time constraints. We can deliver customised Corporate training courses leading to awards on the National Framework of Qualifications. CMIT have developed a substantial portfolio of courses with options to suit all levels within an organisation. Our ability to customise courses allows us to meet your organisations specific needs, incorporating topics and specific information that is relevant to your organisation.

CMIT has provided Corporate training courses to employees in many organisations including:
Corporate Training courses Google

Corporate Training courses PayPal

Corporate Training courses KBC

Corporate Training courses Heineken

Corporate Training courses Amazon

Corporate Training courses Giraffe

Corporate Training courses IBM

Corporate training courses Trinity College


Certified eLearning – How it Works

  • Confirm – Decide on training objectives. Select suitable course. Agree on delivery model and time-frame for Corporate Training .
  • Contact – Discuss your training needs and objectives with CMIT’s course development department. Identify specific competencies that the organisation requires and CMIT will identify a certified programme to compliment the organisation training requirements.
  • Customise – Brand and develop course to meet organisation needs. Include required specific information and specialised content.
  • Complete – Deliver training to learners through tutor supported eLearning. Learners complete assignments and for review by their tutor.
  • Certify – Learners are awarded a nationally recognised qualification.
CMIT eLearningFeatures and Benefits
  • Interactive eLearning system – All courses are supported by a range of interactive features including quizzes, video and online messaging with their tutor.
  • 24/7 Access – Learners have the ability to log on at any time from any PC for the duration of their course.
  • Full Support – All courses are tutor supported and there is a designated Student Support Team in the college to assist learners.
  • Delivery Options – CMIT can organise Tutor Workshops as required to support the eLearning training model. All tutors are fully qualified subject matter experts with extensive training experience.
  • Awards on the National Framework of Qualifications – CMIT can offer programmes that lead to recognised awards.
  • Customisation – There are options available to tailor and customise courses to organisation specifications.
  • Flexible Delivery – Courses can be delivered in a flexible manner with numerous options available for delivery time frames and training duration.
  • Simple Enrolment Process – Candidates can be enrolled at any time for the agreed duration.
  • Monitoring Capabilities – We can offer organisations the ability to monitor learner progress throughout the duration of the course. There will be a dedicated programme liaison allocated for each account.
  • Practical Assessment – Most courses are assessed through the completion of assignments aimed to test the learner’s knowledge and competencies in specific areas. Assessments can be customised where appropriate to your organisation.