CMIT eLearning and distance learning interactive features

CMIT eLearning and distance learning interactive features will help you learn more efficiently, and they will also give you the necessary help and support that you may require to complete your course. Here is a list of features that are offered with CMIT’s eLearning courses:

  • Online access 24×7 to your course: The CMIT eLearning website can be accessed through computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets. Our iPad and Mobile supported content allows students to view their course content wherever and whenever it suits.
  • Personal contact with Tutors: While studying you course with CMIT, students have the ability to message their tutors through our private messaging system. This allows students to ask questions and get help at any time throughout their course.
  • Personalised feedback on assessments:  Our tutors provide personalised feedback on all your assessment work, to provide direction and guidance.
  • Webinars: A webinar is a presentation, lesson or workshop which is delivered over the web. It is a virtual classroom. CMIT offer live webinars with our Childcare courses – this allows students to attend online classes and interact with their tutor and colleagues.
  • Videos: CMIT offer videos to compliment course manuals and assignments. These videos will help you learn while on the course, and also give you a more interactive and personal experience while studying with CMIT.
  • Quizzes and online resources: While enrolled on your course, CMIT offer online quizzes for students to complete to test their knowledge of the course. The quiz score you get does not affect your final grade, but are a great way to practice and test your knowledge of the course!

These interactive features are available to students across our courses, and will assist you in your learning experience here with the college. These features are there to improve engagement and ensure the learning experience is both enjoyable and rewarding.  Click here for a full list of courses