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Benefits of eLearning and Distance Learning Courses

Students considering enrolling on an eLearning course have many benefits and advantages, which other students may not have at their disposal. A recent UN Report on eLearning outlined the following advantages in relation to eLearning interventions: ease of access and flexibility, portability, improved student-teacher contact and discussions, and increased discussions with peers. We summarise the […]

eLearning Study Tips

This article gives eLearning study tips and advice on how to approach studying while on an eLearning course. Here are six eLearning study tps to set you on the right track. Go to a quiet place: The first step is to designate a quiet area to study in peace and quiet. It is essential that […]

Using eLearning for Employee skills

Using eLearning eLearning for Employee skills – In today’s technologically fueled society, businesses are changing how they function and operate almost every day. eLearning can be a very useful way to build skills… Learn while you work – CMIT elearning provides fully tutor-support, certified courses which allow you learn while you work. There is no need […]

Customer Service Career Guide

This Customer Service Career Guide aims to provide you with an overview of careers and education for customer service roles. Customer service is a service provided by a business for a customer before and after a purchase or use of goods. This assistance is normally provided through phone call support, email, and sometimes live chat […]

Staying motivated while Studying over the Holidays: 5 Tips

Staying motivated while Studying is critical at holiday periods. Whether its Christmas, New Year or Summer weather we can often find our well laid study plans begin to fall by the wayside as we try to make the most of the holidays! It is important to take a few moments to review or progress on […]

IT Specialists Career and eLearning Course Training Guide

Introduction This IT Specialists Career and eLearning Course Training Guide aims to provide you with general guidance on career trends and training opportunities in IT. Job Prospects In Ireland Recent research by Forfás has highlighted the number of job advertisements in the IT sector and science, engineering and technology technicians. The report showed that 31% […]